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    35 Years of diversified experience & Leadership in teaching and organizing.
  • Lecturer in Arabic Language & Literature for over 10 years.
  • Professor of Islamic Fiqh for over 15 years
  • Organizer & Leader in various positions.


          Principal                                Jamia Nooriyya Arabiyya
2003- Present                                                        Faizabad, Kerala


          Professor, Fiqh                  Jamia Nooriyya Arabiyya

          1991 – 2003                                                          Faizabad, Kerala


          Lecturer, Arabic Literature    Jamia Nooriyya Arabiyya

          1979 - 1991                                                           Faizabad, Kerala


          General Secretary                Sunni Youth Society (SYS)

          1992 – Present                                                       Kerala State Committee


            Secretary                                   Samastha Kerala Jam-Iyyathul Ulama

          2010 – Present                                                       Kerala State Committee


          Member                                   Samastha Kerala Jam-Iyyathul Ulama

          1986 – Present                                                       Kerala State Committee


          Vice President                        Samastha Kerala Islamic Educational Board

          2009 - Present                                                       Kerala State Committee


          General Manager                   Anvarul Islam Institution

          1970 – Present                                                       Thiroorkad, Kerala


          Member                                  All India Muslim Personal Law Board

          2008 – Present


          Chairman                              Kerala Haj Committee

          2003-July – 2006                                                  Govt. of Kerala


          Vice Chairman                    Central Haj Committee of India

          2006 – 2009                                                          Govt. of India


          President                              Maun’ethul Islam Arabic College

          2000 - Present                                                     Ponnani


          President                              Hujjathul Islam Islamic Complex

          2005 - Present                                                     Vadakara


          General Secretary                        Anvarul Hudha Islamic Complex

          Present                                                                   Vettathoor


          Vice President                            Kerala State Muslim Orphanage Co

          2004 - Present                                                      ordination Committee (KSMOCC)


          Chief Editor 2000 – Present                  Data Net International – Kerala

                                2005 – Present                 Sunni Afkar Weekly – Kerala

                                2009 – Present                 Al-Muallim Monthly – Kerala

                              2009 - Present                    Al-Noor Arabic Monthly - Kerala

          Imam & Quazi                                      Thirurkad Mahallu Jama’eth – Kerla

          1965 – Present                                                      


            Education                                                             1968 MFF (Moulavi Fazil Faizi) Jamia                         Nooriya Arabic College


            Personal Data                                                        Born 1945, India Citizen Fluent in Arabic, English & Urdu. Author and Orator. Member of various committees.


PRINCIPAL                                                                         JAMIA NOORIYA ARABIYYA

2003 – PRESENT                                                                    KERALA STATE COMMITTEE


            Jamia Nooriya Arabic College is the greatest Islamic Institution in south India, run by Ulama Council of Kerala State (Samastha Kerala Jam-iyyathul Ulama) which runs also more than 9000 Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Madrassas spread all over Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Mahrashtra States, as well as Malaysia and Lakshadweep. As an apex College of Theology Jamia enrolls only qualified students from various Arabic Colleges and religious institutions for its four years post graduate course of "Moulavi Fazil Faizi" (MFF) there are around 5000 MFF degree holders working as Imams and some European countries. The anniversary of Jamia is biggest religious gathering and festival of Kerala each year. It is well know for its participation of great personalities from all around world.


GENERAL SECRETARY                                                               SUNNI YOUTH SOCIETY

1992 – PRESENT                                                                                  KERALA STATE COMMITTEE


            Sunni Youth Society (SYS) is the largest religious organization of Kerala State with 4000 branches all over Kerala. It runs many orphanages and Arabic College as well as plenty of charity activities.


GENERAL MANAGER                                                     ANVARUL ISLAM INSTITUTIONS

1970 – PRESENT                                                                    THIROORKAD, KERALA

            Anvarul Islam Orphanage & Arabic College which established in 1970 has a strength of more than 2000 students in its various section. It runs an orphanage, an Arabic College, Senior Secondary and Secondary Schools, Computer Centers, English Medium Schools and Madrassas.

CHIEF EDITOR                                                                           DATANET INTERNATIONAL

2000 – PRESENT                                                                             KERALA


            Data Net International is a year of all Islamic movements around globe. It has been published its annual editions since 2001. Each edition explores the Islamic institutions and movements all over the world with more than 1000 pages and many colour pictures and maps.


CHIEF EDITOR                                                                                   SUNNI AFKAR WEEKLY

2005 – PRESENT                                                                                     KERALA


            "Sunni Afkar" is the famous weekly in Malayalam language publishing by the Sunni Youth Society (SYS) Kerala State Committee.


CHIEF EDITOR                                                                                 AL MUALLIM MONTHLY

2009 – PRESENT                                                                                   KERALA


            A leading Islamic Monthly in Kerala especially for Madrassa teacher under the Samastha Kerala Jam-iyyathul Muallimeen Central Council.


VICE PRESIDENT                                                                                                           KSMOCC

2004 – PRESENT                                                                                                                  KERALA


            A state level Co-ordination Committee for Muslim Orphanages in Kerala.


Seminar Attended

1986 August 6

International Islamic Seminar, Hyderabad

Attend the International Islamic Seminar conducted by Libyan Embassy and submitted the paper "Solutions of contemporary problems according to Islamic Fiqh" which was well discussed later and published in various magazine.


National Seminar on 'Re-structuring of Arabic & Persian Syllabi'

Central Institute of English & Foreign Language (CIEFL), Hyderabad.

Being the sole invitee of Kerala State to the Seminar, Prepared and submitted the draft copy for Syllabus to be implemented all over India.

1998 & 1999

Refresher Course in Arabic Language & Literature

Kerala University College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Attended the seminars participated by lecturers and professors of the University and submitted papers.




'Punnya Bhoomiyilekku' (To the sacred land

3 Books in Malayalam language about Haj pilgrimage including CDs.

'Muslim Lokam 1421' (Muslim World 1421 Hijri)

'Muslim Lokam 1423' (Muslim World 1423 Hijri)

'Muslim Lokam 1425' (Muslim World 1425 Hijri)


'Islamika Munnettam Aagolathalathil'

'Falastheenil Judharkenthavakasam'

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